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The Heart to heart

It's an exercise for the couple

In 2014 as I was designing some class content I was also getting certified at Heartmath, llc. There are wonderful and interesting things one can start to understand about the heart. Cool cool stuff.

In that process, a part of the training I was providing is called Full Moments. A Full Moment is a relationship habit that I work with couples to develop. Check out the podcast by clicking here. The heart to heart steps are like this:"

  1. Bring to mind something great/good/awesome. It could be the sunrise, it could be your faith or your deep love and devotion. Whatever is most accessible to you in that moment.

  2. Hold not the thought as much as the feeling that thought gives you. The more intense the thought the better. I like to remember full moments that touched me deeply so that I can feel them again - now.

  3. Embrace your spouse/mate/beloved, hugging heart to heart, touching heart to heart as you embrace.

  4. Breath naturally, but deeply and imagine you are breathing into the heartspace of your beloved.

  5. BONUS - Include your kids1


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