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Habit Six

The Seven Habits for a Breathtaking Relationship

In my practice - the title Amazing Couple - is often used to acknowledge those that have accomplished some amazing feats within their relationship. Overcoming obstacles that once got in their way of happiness and peace of mind together.

How did they overcome these obstacles? Practice, but practicing what?

The Seven Habits for a Breathtaking Relationship

I will take you through the last habit next week. These habits are a collection for the basis for an upcoming ebook.

Habit Six: Peace of Mind Your Single Goal

What are you doing?

What are you practicing?

Are you hard working?

Are you always striving for the next accomplishment?

Doctor Gerald Jampolsky in his book, Love is Letting Go of Fear, tells us the following:

Peace of mind as your single goal is the most potent motivating force you can have. To have inner peace you need to be consistent in having peace of mind as your single goal.

Instead of having a single goal, most of us are all tempted and try to juggle multiple goals. Juggling can only serve to dilute your focus and increase internal conflict.

I am Not Saying You Cannot Accomplish Everything You Want

I am saying that having everything you want is available when Peace of Mind is what you manage for.

You can achieve consistency in keeping this single goal in mind by reminding yourself of the singleness of purpose you would have if you suddenly found yourself drowning in the ocean. In that situation, you would put all of your attention into the single goal of staying afloat and breathing for survival.

My Story

In 2002, I was off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico on a commercial scuba diving trip. 60 feet underwater I was admiring the most interesting boat wreckage I had ever seen. It was fascinating. And I looked around to find my dive buddy to share my experience.

I remember looking around and noticing there were no other divers. I searched for my dive buddy and he was nowhere in sight. So, I went to the surface - there was NO BOAT! I had been left out in the middle of the ocean. A couple of hours off the coast and I got left behind.

Left Behind

I’ve had many fearful moments in my life, but this was ranked number one. I was stuck in the middle of nowhere - in ocean water that was getting more dangerous by the minute - turbulent with white-capped waves everywhere. There was no land that I could see, not a boat, I didn’t know what lurked below the surface and no clue as to which way to swim if I thought that was even an option.

I was overcome with fear. I was stuck and I didn't know if the boat would realize my missing in time to come back. It was almost a two-hour boat trip to shore.

Peace of Mind Through Forgiveness

With peace of mind as your single goal, forgiveness becomes your single function. Forgiveness is the vehicle used for correcting your misperceptions and for helping you let go of fear, says Doctor Jampolsky.

Simply stated, to forgive is to let go. After a few minutes of being frantic in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere, I did let go. I realized that I was angry at the boat for leaving me. I was angry that I had a dive buddy that was obviously clueless. I had my mind on that anger, while forgiveness was the answer.

By letting go of my fear I became open to any solution that might show up. The narrow mindedness and angry feelings disappeared and I started thinking clearly. “Lay back” I reminded myself, “and trust that the water will hold me. In fact, the water will cradle me until I am rescued.”

And after what seemed like forever, I saw a boat in the distance. It was my boat, they had come back for me.Themes to Live By Peace of mind is your single goal. Forgiveness is your single function and the way to achieve our goal of peace of mind. And that is the Sixth Habit.


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