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About Thomas


Over the years Thomas has developed a systematic approach called, The Heart Path, and he offers a unique point of view that has helped hundreds of couples and thousands of individuals see new possibilities for their relationships. 


He started his coaching career in 1995. He has designed and produced more than 25 classroom series for training and development. The Seven Stages Of Love, The Next Best Version of Yourself, The Seven Stages Of Self Expression, Breathtaking Relationships, Developing Your Core Competencies, The Emotional Body, The Theme of Your Life, The 30-Day Lovers Challenge, and The Date Night Project, naming a few. His original series that still lives within all his work is called Partners For Life, partners committed to life versus a life sentence
Thomas spent 17 years leading transformational programs for the world's largest personal development company. He grew and developed coaching skills that expanded into new and advanced modalities. 

He is the author of The 7 Habits of a Breathtaking Relationship, The Seven Stages of Love and Relationship Refresh. Thomas trained inside the work of Peter K. Gerlach - Parts and The Internal Family, Patricia McDade - Consulting Alliance, and is certified through the HEARTMATH Institute, the Awakening Coaching Alliance, and The Emotional Health Institute.

We are committed to people getting what they long for. And what most people say they want is pure, heartfelt love. A healthy relationship is one access to fulfilling that longing. We work with individuals and couples to achieve their heart's desire. Do you know your heart's desire? Let's determine that together. 

You may think it takes a lot of time, you might think there is a need to uncover a lot of your past experiences to get you to what you really want. We encourage you - there is no need for that - work with me - we will get you to peace of mind and happiness with very little effort and in a short period of time.

Through his Coaching Development Program, Thomas supports and trains coaches to work with couples and individuals in taking action, specifically in areas where they are stuck. Bringing clarity, where they have been indecisive or ineffective. My coaches and I waste no time in getting to the real issue. We get to the root of any issue quickly and effectively, giving your relationship new life. If you are a coach for at least five years then this certification program is designed just for you. Reach out for more information.

As a Transformational Leader for more than 25 years, Thomas has led to, worked with, and trained more than 14,000 people.

Committed to people getting the results they long for.

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