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The Seven Stages Of Love Couple's Wake Up

Overcome Your Biggest Love Challenges And Get Your Relationship On The Fast-track To Lovers Bliss...
  • 6 Easy To Follow Modules that deepen your understanding of each stage of being in a relationship. These modules will move you and your partner fast towards experiencing more love, more happiness, more often.

  • ​A manuscript and workbook that guides you through all Seven Stages of Love. This guide along with your Emotional Health practitioner will make sure you and your partner understand each of the stages so that you know exactly where you are and how to get to where you want to be.

  • ​On top of that, there are Seven professionally produced action plans, each one contains a short summary of the stage along with a quiz to help you “get it” even more.  These action plans will help you make the connection in your mind so this life-changing information becomes something that you can really use.

  • ​You’ll also join me for the weekly Couples Coaching Corner, included as part of this program at no additional cost. Though optional, it is highly recommended. On this 30-minute group call, we give your relationship a "lift" for the week. No commitment and no expectations, come when you like.

Plus you get these 3 exclusive bonuses for FREE:
  • ​​The Ritual Book - this book gives you a number of ideas for creating rituals between you and your partner. Rituals are things that the two of you do that remind you that you are a couple and keep you feeling close.  This will make keeping your love alive easy.  I give you all the ideas and all you have to do is make them happen.

  • ​Love Bytes Card Deck - Love Bytes inspire your own creativity without having to tax your mind every single time. The work is done, you just pull a card and do what it tells you to do. You don’t have to think about it, just do it and watch your lover fall deeper in love with you day by day.

  • Get untangled and experience the love you both desire, reach out and sign up today!

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