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Our Methodology


Here is a way to FINALLY get your relationship revitalized even if you’ve been trying for years!


We teach couples that want to stay together how to do that with a proven method that has measurable and sustainable results.

A brand new way to basically guarantee that you and your partner reinvigorate your relationship, and in record time. Even if you have tried and failed before using any other method.

Do you want an enhanced relationship with better communication?

Do you want less anxiety in trying to work out disagreements or expressing yourself?

Are you in a rut and perhaps dealing with bad relationship habits? 

Do you need more courage, less fear, and more options?

You and your Certified Practitioner will work together getting out of the way anything that interferes with the highest experience of love and connectedness in your relationship.

Our Packages


45 Minute Package

45 minutes that can be used in 15 minute increments. A power-packed call or ZOOM conferences targeting that which matters most. For individuals. These do not expire and can be used anytime.

Basic Package

6 Sessions

Sessions are 30 minutes long 
 Your package includes 180 minutes total.  Minutes are carried over and do not expire.  They be can be used anytime.

Deluxe Package

12 Sessions

Just like the BASIC package but with a deeper discount.  Sessions run 30 minutes long and can be done over SKYPE, ZOOM, phone or in person. 360 minutes that do not expire.  They can be used anytime.

Relationship ReFresh

720 Minutes

A relationship that works is loaded with FULL MOMENTS™. This coaching package is specially structured for the couple. We use a series of methods, audio, and assessments to work through tough spots and to generate a more vibrant future with FULL MOMENTS™ intended and on purpose.

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