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Sunset on the Desert

About Us

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At the Stages of Love, we offer a methodology that gives one access to their natural ability to heal themselves. To rid emotions, issues, and behaviors that interfere with being happy and maintaining peace of mind.


Thomas and his affiliated Practitioners work with couples and individuals pursuing a relationship, as well as those with other personal interests.


They deal directly and effectively with Phobias, Inhibitions, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Stress, and Avoidance. Everything that might make an individual or couple feel stuck, become aggressive, run from issues, feel annoyed, frustrated, or unhappy can be brought to your EmRes® session.

You and your partner are not at the effect of your emotions, regardless of their intensity. They will work with your natural ability to resolve them permanently. Once resolved, the stressful emotion or trigger will not return.


Dealing with any or all of these issues or behaviors removes barriers in the way of you having a happy life and love-filled relationships.

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