What is Emotional Resolution®

Viscero-somatic Quieting

At the base of Emotional Resolution® or EmRes® is a precise process that we call viscero-somatic quieting.



Our body keeps somatic traces of all our experiences and especially those that seem traumatic. Traumatic by definition is something unbearable. Highly stressful situations can seem traumatic to an individual, especially a child.


When exposed to a stimulus that reminds the body of a past event the viscero-somatic memory linked to this event is reactivated, creating the base of a disruptive emotional response. 


The Stages Of Love uses EmRes® to fulfill our commitment for couples and individuals having the experience of Love present more often and resolving difficulties they have in cohabitating, raising children, and growing old.

We deal directly and effectively with Phobias, Inhibitions, Loss, Anxiety, Grief, Anger, Depression, Stress, and Avoidance. Everything that might make an individual or couple feel stuck, become aggressive, run from issues, feel annoyed, frustrated, or unhappy can be brought to your EmRes® session. You and your partner are not at the effect of your emotions, regardless of their intensity. We will work with your natural ability to resolve them permanently. Once resolved the stressful emotion or trigger will not return. Dealing with any or all of these issues or behaviors removes barriers once in the way of you having a happy life and love-filled relationships. One session, including, a follow up is $200.

How does EmRes® Work?
EmRes® connects you to the origin of a difficult emotion through your physical sensations and modulates the unwanted emotional response permanently. This simple yet rarely used physiologic capacity is innate to all human beings.

Emotional Resolution (EmRes®) is grounded in the latest findings of neuroscience researchers and authors such as Lisa Barrett Feldman, Bruce McEwen, Joseph Ledoux, and Peter Levine. The method is a natural, safe, and durable process. The brain has long been recognized as capable of self-regulatory activity. This process serves as the basis of Milton Erickson’s “Hypnotherapy: An Exploratory Casebook”, in which he describes the creative, solution-generating power of the unconscious mind working in parallel with and independently from the conscious mind. 

The Emotional Health Institute was founded by a group of international professionals fascinated by the understanding of our emotional functioning and specifically how the body can naturally resolve disruptive emotional patterns. Today, through their research, studies, and practices they are committed to creating communities where individuals, children, and families are thriving emotionally; free from disruptive emotional patterns and the otherwise long-lasting effects of trauma and stress. 

Does it work with "deep-seated" or intense emotions?


To the brain and body, all emotions are equal and can be quickly resolved. Although the emotional pattern may be been present for years or decades, the stressful emotions related to the specific situation can easily be resolved.

How long do the results last?


Once the natural capacity to resolve the emotional stress is accessed through the EmRes® session, the emotional reaction to the specific trigger will not return. It is the design of the body-mind. 

How many sessions are needed?


One EmRes® session permanently resolves the emotional behavior to a specific trigger. After some time has passed, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to ensure the emotion is fully resolved.

Often, there are several aspects of life affected by a person's anxiety, depression, PTSD, and anger, to name a few. It is unrealistic to assume one EmRes session will resolve all anxiety or all depression. However, people often report an improvement in their anxiety in other areas of life. We simply ask our clients, "How is your anxiety (or any emotional reaction or thought) affecting your present-day life?" From there the client chooses which area in life they would like permanently resolve and experience positive change. It is a simple approach with profound results. 

What happens during an EmRes® Session?

  • Emotional Resolution sessions are facilitated by Zoom video, phone, or in person.

  • You will be sitting comfortably.​

  • You are fully conscious during the session. 

  • There is no need to share any private details or personal history.

  • There is no physical contact. ​

  • The process is like having a casual conversation.

  • A typical session is 15-45 minutes.

  • After the session, a follow-up appointment is made to ensure positive results.


One session, including, a follow up is $200