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A Note From Me

As you know, given I couldn’t stop talking about it, I have worked on my book, LOVE SPARKS! for most of 2020 getting it ready to publish.

I was very optimistic about getting it done before the 2020 Holidays, but also naive, lol. With that said though, I signed with a publisher yesterday and I am really happy about it on a couple of counts.

  1. The publisher, Greenleaf, is the same publisher who distributes one of my favorite books of all time by Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge.

  2. They will provide most of everything I need so that I am not left technically on my own trying to get the book noticed and out there.

  3. We will be ready to print midyear and I will keep you posted on the progress.

Having completed the necessary steps to put my book aside, I have also rewritten THE SEVEN STAGES OF LOVE into a Self Study Course for couples to use at home. It is a structured 7-week course with safeguards to keep you on track. It also includes a weekly opportunity to be on a group Zoom call for support that is included.

We are in the Beta Testing phase and thank you to those who opted into the testing. We are in the first week and have already identified a number of kinks getting worked out. This is good news!

It won’t be long and the program will go public.

To learn more about it, click the link below and engage in a 4-day video course absolutely free and you can share this link with others if you like. More specifically, once you sign up you will gain access to the first of four training videos. Each day of the four days you will get an email with a link to the next video. They are relatively short but packed with lots of good stuff, all downloadable too.

At the end of the free 4-day course, there is an invitation to sign up for the Seven Stages of Love Training. And because it is still in the testing phase, it is offered at a very reduced price. You or whoever you invite will simply get rolled into the testing, and by design, you will start at the very beginning. You won’t miss a beat! Simple.

Here is the 4-day free video training link. Be sure to check your spam folder or promotional folder as your emails might get directed there.

Love, Honor, and Respect



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