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POD Couples

Just When We Thought It Was Over

In the JUNE issue of RELATIONSHIP CALISTHENICS, I introduced a concept that one of my clients (also a friend) mentioned to me. He referred to it as Pod Couples. The name is derived from a Netflix dating program called Love is Blind. This is not that - so what is a Pod Couple in the context I am using it here?

COVID-19 Changed Our Lives

During the pandemic, my spouse and I chose three other couples that share the same social distancing and safety convictions. *Please follow all of your State's mandates and be considerate of vulnerable people more susceptible to contracting COVID-19* Our agreements with them allow us to enjoy each other's company in person. We do hikes, picnics, and sleepovers. My partner and I make a trip East in California every 5 weeks or so and spend time with each of them. As you might imagine it makes being sheltered in place a lot more enjoyable. (Plus they have pools, lol)

Now We're Open - Now We're Not

Now that many states are shutting down again, there is less optimism for congregating in the near future. We need our people, this is making our Pod-Couples even more relevant. When things get back to some kind of recognizable normal it occurs to me, that it might remain relevant.

Circle Of Friends

If you are a couple, consider your circle of friends, couple-friends. Do they provide a sense of confidence when it comes to loving and growing relationships? Perhaps your Pod could consist of those couples who inspire you to love better, love longer, and love stronger. Get on the phone, discuss this idea.

Your Very Own

I invite you to build your Pod with other nourishing couples. We intend to maintain ours. What are your agreements? Will you require COVID testing to start? Wearing masks and social distancing with one another. If you want happiness 'NOW', then having a future to live into is the remedy.

Our agreements include the protocols for social distancing and masking as mandated by the state. With the exception of those we live with, we do not break those protocols. With these agreements, the Pod-Couples have the freedom to be together as family.

It brings about a tremendous amount of sanity.

What agreements will make you feel safe and comfortable, make this work for you and the people you love.

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