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A Full Life

A Full Life

In this issue of RELATIONSHIP CALISTHENICS - What is a Full Life I don't doubt that you wish for your partner, your family, and those that you care for deeply, great lives, very long and full lives. I wonder though if you have a clear picture of what that is, what that is that you wish for, or that you want for them. What is it that you want for yourself? Why do you want it? Can you actually articulate it?  A long life is simple - many good-quality years. That’s a long life. I don’t think there is much more one can say about that. A full life though, a great life - I wonder if it just seems like a good idea. Maybe you think about it, but it is all covered in hope. Maybe there's even a little nagging voice in the background that doesn't really think that it is possible. Full Moments What good is a long life if it isn’t a full life? A full life is a life that is full, it is full of full moments, that's a full life. That is a great life. So then, what is a full moment? A full moment is a moment in time, where something actually happens. It is not something you imagined. It is not something that you are wishing or hoping for and it is not a fantasy or a story. A full moment is something that actually happens and when it happens, your heart is full. It is full of gratitude, it is full of appreciation, it is full of love. When you look back in your life you can see some full moments. Most of the ones you can look back on though were accidental. You were at the right place at the right time and boom, Full Moment. On Purpose But living a Full Life is not accidental, it will be on purpose. So then, a Full Life is loaded with Full Moments and your job is to get good at loading life up. Loading them up in the lives of those around you. Creating these moments for those you love, for those you care about. Interestingly, each one you cause for someone else ends up being yours too. Easy to do this on somebody’s birthday - easy to do it on an anniversary - easy to do it on special occasions - it's expected and it's easy! Without those occasions, it is not so easy, but it is the most rewarding and effective.  Please join me on the adventure of causing Full Moments for everyone around us. What Full Moment will you create for your partner today? This week? This Month? This Year?

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