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Preparation for MARCH 10, 2018

The Quantum Shift

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Send out 12 emails, 1 to each of 12 people who are close to you.  Family members are good, close friends.  Best to exclude co-workers, superiors or subordinates.  The email is intended to uncover a series of responses that will lead to exposing your unique gift.  


We will be using what you come up with in the work shop.


Once you’ve received responses, organize them either in lists or on an excel spreadsheet so that you can determine 3 that are most often responded.  An example using my own. I went through all the responses and these were the most used:




Here is one possible format of your email:

Hi FRIEND’s name, I’m writing, hoping you will help me with an exercise for a course Im preparing to participate in. 


Would you consider a list of 12 qualities that you see in me. If any occur to you as more prominent than another or unique to me above others, feel free to point that out.

What are the qualities you feel coming through me in a way that you don’t quite feel with anyone else? I’m asking for qualities not abilities.

If at all possible I would love to have them no later than March 1, 2018.

Thanks, much love

My Name

Here is an explanation of this portion of our work together written by Arjuna Ardagh.


Computers can compare a fingerprint to every fingerprint that’s ever been taken, both from people alive and dead, to see if there’s a match. Now in order for this to work, it means that no two human beings have exactly the same fingerprint.  The unique fingerprint you have is not only different from the eight billion people alive on the planet, but it’s different from any human being who has ever lived.

Of course, the same is true with your DNA and many other things about your body as well. For example, have you ever met two people with exactly the same face? Even with so-called “identical” twins, when you put them side by side, you usually know who is who.

Just as no two human beings have exactly the same physical makeup, no two human beings have exactly the same psychological characteristics either.

Over many years of coaching with people in all different ways, I’d say that this simple discovery is the most reliable indicator of deep fulfillment and well-being.  When you have the recognition, the appreciation, and giving of the gift that comes uniquely through you, all else falls into place.

1. Your unique gift is not the same as what you do for a living. If you’re lucky, your work becomes an expression of your gift, but your gift existed when you were very small (before you had a job at all) and the gift flows in every aspect of your life, including when you’re not at work.

2. Ironically, the more awake and conscious you become, the more you feel “I don’t have any gift.” This is because the gift flows through you, not from you.

3. The gift you were born to give is not for you. It flows out through you to other people. It may not always feel good or even be what you want to do, but it was what you were born to do.

4. You may have more fear, nervousness, and shyness about your unique gift than you do about many other activities you perform. It’s more intimate, real, and authentic.

5. When you give your gift, even for short periods at a time, a muscle of effort relaxes completely within you. Even a few minutes of allowing the gift to flow can compensate for hours of other things you may find boring.

What’s next in our work is to determine YOUR UNIQUE GIFT.  The fingerprint of your TRUE SELF EXPRESSION.

Once you’ve received responses, organize them either in lists or on an excel spreadsheet so that you can determine your top 3.  Come to the course with those, as well as the list or spreadsheet you used.


Please use this video to get yourself present to THE HEART SHIFT elements prior to the course.

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