• Breathtaking Relationships One Moment At A Time...


    Build trust and distinguish the heart bank. Move through a rough period in a relationship. Getting the current call distinguished and real. Setting up a special romantic date or event.

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    There is one thing that we all have in common in this relationship road of life, and that is all of us, every one of us has a past.

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    What Is The Date Night Project?

    Spreading True Love Globally, One Date At A Time...

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    conference call call July 16, 2017 6 pm PST Call 949.229.4400 access #8645704. A stimulating conversation to bring more satisfaction and fulfillment to intimacy. PEACEFUL TOGETHER

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    Founder and Seven Stages of Love creator Thomas Kuster, is a writer, trainer and coach who has developed various seminars, workshops and coaching programs to help individuals, couples and families experience true love. He helps them move through the Seven Stages of Love and on to Breathtaking Relationships.


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  • "Wanting to build a better relationship? My very good friend Thomas Timothy Kuster is a relationship whisper-er. No kidding! Check out the link above to view his free video content. Then watch your relationship blossom."

    Leonard W.

  • "Thomas has a unique way of getting us to communicate about difficult matters. And then leading us to a better peaceful place together."

    Kim R.

  • "OMG, I don't know what I 'd do without him. Thomas saved me from getting married to someone with whom it was evident wasn't going to work. With his coaching I got in touch with loving myself and now I've met "the one", I owe him so much."

    Grant B.

  • "My wife and I had gotten stale after 20 years of marriage. With Thomas coaching we have reignited our relationship and moved it to Stage Seven, the awakening stage. We have fallen in love again."

    Angela T.