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2020 The Heart Path Coaching Series

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2020 The Heart Path Coaching Series
2020 The Heart Path Coaching Series

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Online or My Office


About the event

You plan for your business, you plan for your education and you plan for your vacations. BUT, it's rare that a couple plans for the relationship. We are talking about planning who the couple will "be", and what the couple will stand for.


Together you and I will design a pathway to have the couple more fulfilling and rewarding.

We ferret out the bad relationship habits that you will be given practices around so as to break them and to create new habits that will serve the couple. We will work to get out of the way whatever is in the way of your couple being an AMAZING COUPLE.

The Heart Path Couples Coaching Series

The Small Self

➤  We use an assessment that helps determine the different parts of you and your significant other’s personalities.

➤  We then apply what we learn to the couple determining the best methods of interaction between the two of you. (It’s amazing. It will blow your mind).  

➤  The “WHY” podcast  

➤  Getting to a true understanding of why you are in the relationship.                    

 Distinguish Love

➤  We all think we know what love is, but do we? Not really. We treat love like a thing when it’s actually an energy. We will work together on how to have that energy present more of the time.

➤  The TRUE LOVE podcast

The Heart Shift

➤  We move into what I call FULL MOMENTS™. At this point in the coaching method, there is a shift. I call it the heart shift. There is no way to explain it as it is experiential and life changing.

➤  Learning how to ‘feel’.

➤  The FULL MOMENTS™ Podcast

Honoring Life Unfolding

➤  This is a practice that we will develop together. The practice is developing a relationship with life. Yes, a relationship with life. Again, not life, like a thing, but life like an energy.

➤  The Open Heart Project

➤  The FEELING meditation

The Quantum Self

➤  Once you’ve come this far, you will start to get in touch with the part of you I refer to as the higher self. The Quantum Self. 

➤  The Quantum meditation

The Laws of Quantum Love

➤  Now the couple has a brand new experience of itself (themselves).

➤  Ordinary Forgiveness

➤  Forgiveness is the language of love.

➤  Quantum Forgiveness™

➤  This new kind of forgiveness offers something that ordinary forgiveness cannot. It is a freedom to “be”, a freedom to “express”, fear disappears.

➤  The forgiveness document

➤  The forgiveness meditation

 The Quantum Life

➤  The couple now has a brand new life. I call it the quantum life.


  • The Heart Path Coaching Series

    You will get a call to nail down a day and time together. ZOOM or in my office.




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