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Mini relationship reset

We Need A Break

In this issue of RELATIONSHIP CALISTHENICS - The Mini Reset Do you find that your relationship is more stressful than usual during this time? Are you constantly trying to make it easier only to feel like you are walking in wet cement? You know it is almost impossible given you and your partner are practically on top of one another. You are not alone and there is something that you can do about it; at least for the short term. It really breaks my heart to see so many couples not being able to experience and express the love they know they have. But things are going to be different for you!  What is Happening? Here’s why you are experiencing challenges with expressing love during these times. When pressure is high both inside our home and outside our home, we just don’t have enough mental and physical space. 100% of our focus is on trying to get relief. It is like trying to stay dry in the pouring rain. The two rarely go together. Will Anything Make a Difference? If time alone is what you need: a hot bubble bath meditation (click the hyperlink for a page full of them) a nap perhaps reading a book you could even take a car ride by yourself   If relaxation is what you need: doing a jigsaw puzzle playing a game preparing a new recipe in the kitchen or a massage could be the answer. In some areas, massage may not be available, or you might not feel safe. Your partner, even if not an expert could be your massage therapist.  Get your partner to agree to any of this; maybe take some time for themselves too, and then you both will win. Mini Reset This is your life, and as far as we know this is the only one you get. So choose what you will do to quickly get to the root of your stress and eradicate it. It might only last a day, but it will be a Relationship Reset. You will be able to express love again for your partner and those you care about.


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