1.  Write out 3 memorable incidents in your life between ages 3 and 15.

    2.  Write out 3 betrayals you experienced at any age.

    3.  Review this video:


    This video discusses projecting our personality characteristics onto others. Viewing this video will expand your access to determining the SELF IMAGE and then the PROJECTED IMAGE.




    The Emotional Body

    1.  Video to open.  1 minute

    2.  Video to set up the thinking/clearing 9 minutes


    3.  Did you do the pre-work assignments?

    •              Deal with the integrity
    •              Set up the partnering so everyone wins
    •              Get a promise to have pre-work completed and have the participants set up “get togethers” to do the work together.

    4.  Video:  Mapping emotions in the body


    5.  The development of the emotional body
    Self Image
    Projected Image
    SHARE from the pre-work

     6. Emotional body

    The emotional body gets very little examination, though it dominates our very existence

    So, let’s examine what it takes to manage the emotional body.

    The reason it gets so little attention is that we don’t really understand it and we have little language to reference what’s happening and without language a human being has no real access.

    The emotional body gets built up with regrets and resentments. Just look at yourself, can’t you see a lot of regret, resentment?   Regrets and resentments rule the day for most of us.  It’s tragic, but true.

    We don’t generally RUN, FAST to somebody to get in communication regarding these; somebody who can  listen to us powerfully and disappear these so thy no longer haunt, no longer rule who you get to be in THIS very moment.  That’s what I am now asking you to use each other for; as well as we offer powershots (a short 45 minute call designed to get to the bottom of something)  A call with me is $125 and with Rasha $75.  Don’t hesitate to call on one of us.  If are currently in a coaching package, you need not buy a powershot, it can be included in your current conversations.

      Development of the Emotional body

        You and I started off as a little bundle of joy with no distinction from anything else. We were (and are) Life energy and Pure love.

    Pleasing my parents/guardians/adults

    family paradigm.  I have to exist and survive.

    Something happens that it occurs to the little one that I am No longer pleasing them.  AND now my survival is threatened. BRUISED!! and now…


    I am insufficient, not enough, broken, not pleasing, or perhaps I’ve been disappointed or disappointed with.  Therefore I now need a projected image to please and fit in AGAIN with the family.

    Now I have 2 images I am juggling them.  My self-image and projected image never jive.  I’m always at odds with myself.

    expectations of myself

    Not to mention, what if my original family split and now I have multiple families to PROJECT myself not.  We are not in the world of what are kids have to deal with in life.  OF course understanding makes little difference because you cannot change the development of your young ones and even trying becomes the defining issues that they develop from.

    pleasing my peers/puberty fitting in

    peers matter more than the family.  I MUST survive my peers.  So my projected image gets adjusted.

    Then you meet someone and fall in love, or do you?  I assert your projected image falls for another’s projected image.  You probably don’t even get a glimpse of any of the other images dancing around until many months into the relationship and sometimes years.

        expectations of my mate

          Projected image

          I now have an image of my mate, he has an image of me, we are no longer 4 images dancing but 6 and its not 6 because we each also have an image to project of the COUPLE itself.

          If you have someone that you have a relationship with that works, really works, you are really happy.  That’s a freakin miracle and if you don’t get the miracle that it is you are not grounded in reality.

        Emotional bruises/wounds

    • Rejected/betrayed
    • Uncertain of oneself
    • Injustice/unjust actions
    • Disappointed

      The couple is the place for healing (perhaps print this for couples only?)

        I say that the couple is the possibility for healing.

        After stage 3, when you were in the power struggle, a particular kind of friction gets generated and forces the self-image and projected image to show up and the struggle each has now begins to surface.

        This is where you choose.  You choose to become more yourself, a bigger more powerful you most amazing you can be. AND IF you do…and this is ALL you do the couple cannot help but develop into a bigger more powerful representation and experience of the LOVE that you both are.

        The other in your couple will see and experience and naturally develop too.  Your purpose from this stage on is to REMIND each other who you really are and without judgment.  AND WHO ARE YOU REALLY?

        OR, you won’t.  And the struggle of stage 3 can last as long as the relationship can stand it but peace, fulfillment and satisfaction will rarely if ever be experienced.  But if you do move through then stage 4 will be HUGE.


    Who you are is PURE LOVE and LIFE ENERGY.  SEE, Does pure love have a problem when someone makes a mistake?  NO. Does pure love need to defend itself? NO. Does pure love cause pain and misery?  NO. Does PURE LOVE have to have someone or something to Blame?

    YET most of our relationships by design have nothing or very little to do with purifying so that PURE LOVE can be present, so we can recognize ourselves, distinguish ourselves from the herd.  Instead what mostly happens in our couples is that we domesticate each other by using FEAR; a FEAR of losing sex; FEAR of losing intimacy; FEAR of losing love.

    7.  Cork board visual
    Water visual, show videos before proceeding

    8. Video: Healing the emotional body (hotel analogy)



    This short video outlines the exercise in our workshop to heal the emotional body.  Though the workshop will focus on the INITIAL BRUISE, this exercise will focus on any emotional wounds.

    9. Purify the water

    10. Begin exercise in the room

    1. Interrupt
    2. Distract
    3. Neutralize
    4. Clear“Two very positive things happen, the first is that you’re happier, because you have control over your behavioral response to your thoughts and feelings. The second thing is that by doing that, you change the brain chemistry.”What all of this meant to me was that we can learn to improve our ability to defeat the traditional thinking traps we fall into when we try to change our view of whatever challenge we’re facing. We can override our default. We can retrain our brain by invoking the Apple tagline: Think different.