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  • Thomas Kuster On The Date Night Project

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  • What is The Date Night Project?

    The Date Night Project provides a structured way for couples to generate love, romance and intimacy...  The Date Night Project provides a structured way for couples to generate love, romance and intimacy.  A simple but powerful project that fulfills a longing, not only for the couple but for everyone around them.  People just like you and me long to be a witness for true love and we embrace the experience of “that” when it’s around us.  It gives us a kind of “aliveness”, and hope.

    A Central Model For The Stages Of Love

    The Stages of Love has a central model and that is "LIFE".  Not life in the general term but rather, life energy.  A couple's existence is so much more than just a relationship being special. It’s a source of real connection.  The kind of connecting that gives the experience of belonging, reminding us that we’re okay.

    Consider our relationships this way, “PARTNERS FOR LIFE”, and when you hear the word life in this context think “life energy”, think “aliveness”.   That you are with your partner he or she has more "aliveness" – and that your partner is with you, you have more "aliveness”.  And then ultimately that you are together brings more "aliveness” for everyone around you.

    It's with this that The Date Night Project came into existence.

    What Are The Seven Stages Of Love?

    There are SEVEN stages of love.  As a couple moves through stage one and stage two it’s propped up with powerful hormones. You could say the couple is drugged until stage three and love is easy. Stage three brings about real choice, the hormones have subsided and it's in this stage that each partner must choose to generate love, romance and intimacy.  He or she must determine the overall relative value of the couple sustaining or not. And if they choose yes for the couple then that brings on stage four.  Stage four is where real authentic relationship begins. Couples in this stage long for high degrees of love.

    Building Everlasting Love Through The Date Night Project

    It's been my observation that it's hard for people – hard for people to maintain high degrees of love for long periods of time on their own and that's why I’m here.  Through the DATE NIGHT PROJECT you will have higher degrees of love for longer periods of time.  It is a structured way for couples in stage four and beyond to generate love, romance and intimacy.  A simple but powerful project that encourages being vulnerable; to feel neither superior, nor inferior; to be authentically present.  With true love and intimacy you enter a state of timelessness – an orgasmic, ecstatic state of oneness.

    To further enhance the impact of The Date Night Project on the spread of true love, The Stages of Love is matching the $1 that is spent on the trial period and 10% of all proceeds that are derived from Date Night Project participation to be donated to the Susan G komen Breast Cancer Foundation.




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    "Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing." Jim Rohn