• The 4 Cornerstones:
    Word – The WHO I say I will be – Neutral, Peaceful and Powerful (put in yours)
    Forgiveness – I will not always BE my Word and I MUST immediately forgive me, not just for not being WHO I said I’d BE but also for acknowledging my inadequacies versus my value.
    Courage – To be my WORD takes courage, to forgive me when I’m not requires courage, To honor my value and ignore my inadequacies takes courage.
    Responsibility – able to respond – When my WORD is in place (Powerful and PeacefulWhen I am forgiving me OFTEN and when I am courageous, the ability to respond comes naturally.  I can trust myself, I give up blame, shame and guilt, they have no place here.
    All 4 cornerstones together brings INTEGRITY.  I am fully myself “Pure Love and Life Energy”.  From this place I  stand UPRIGHT naturally, my chin is up naturally.  I have full power and my thoughts are clear!
    I can TRUST ME!!!