• Assessment_Questions_for_Couples_v21 This assessment is designed to be done as a fillable PDF.  Download it to your computer, complete the form, save it by adding YOUR NAME to the title and then email it to Thestagesoflove@gmail.com.

    Dr. Emoto’s Water Experiment We use Dr. Emoto’s study to create an inquiry.  There is much debate in the scientific community about his experiment.  We are therefore not trying to prove it in any way, but the context it creates offers much opportunity in the creation aspect of being human.

    A Game theory analysis v2 How does game theory show up in your couple?  In your bedroom?  In the household?

    Coaching Preparation Video Please use this video to prepare for your first coaching call.

    Post_Coaching_Review_v21 Following the 3 Month intensive or the Couples tune up please complete this document and email back to your coach at Thestagesoflove@gmail.com

    The_Gottman_Assessment_of_Future_Betrayal_v2 Please do not use this document until directed to do so.  It id for couples only and your coach will direct you when it is time to complete.

    Preparation for Couples Call This video is intended for couples approaching their first “group” call.  This call includes the couple and the coach.  It’s requested that you see this video no less than 72 hours prior to your call.  You would have received an email asking you to view the video as many times as necessary.  Please email your coach when you’ve completed this task.

    NEGATIVE SENTIMENT (ONE HIGH, ONE  LOW) This video should only be viewed if and when instructed.  This is not for everyone.  It should be taken in the spirit it’s intended and used as a tool for communication only.  This is not the TRUTH, it is one possible view that if taken into account can make a significant difference.

    Self_Image_Questions_v1 This is only to done if sent to you by your coach.

    Heart_Bank_Questionnairev1 (2) This questionnaire measures the ability to extend love while loving yourself in a healthy way.