• CommunicationSTRAIGHT TALK
    ~What it isn’t:
    It isn’t candy coated communication, an avoidance of what I am really saying hoping you “might” get what I’m saying and pretending that you did and make you wrong if you didn’t. It isn’t an extreme communication trying to sound intelligent (an intimacy avoiding racket OR leading the conversation with a strong suit (ego)). It isn’t a spewing of my mind all over you, saying everything I ever thought to press on an emotional bruise over there with you, trying somehow to dominate you.
    ~What it is:
    It’s clean. It’s communicating what needs to be communicated so that we have a clear pathway between us. Open channels, nothing in the way of intimacy (into-me-see). Honest, open and responsible. It has the intention of win-win.
    ~Thomas Kuster