• Stage 7 - Awaken

  • Awakening for a couple can be described as a realization that there is a higher dimension of reality.   Such a realization is inevitably accompanied with a heightened positive emotional state.  Feelings of joy, appreciation, an outpouring of love and frequently intense ecstasy.

    The couple after having traveled through many of life's tribulations arrive at this place.  A space that equals accomplishment while offering a future.  A future where the common conflicts between two people have no power.  The first cycle enters this stage around year ten.  This couple stands out, the partnership is unique, extraordinary and yet very common.

    Couples rediscover each other.  The lessons are in the journey
    the flat refusal to ever give up on each other, on the couple.
    Love is expressed and experienced in the simple, small gestures each day. Grateful to be here in this part of our journey, as it gets better with the passing of the years; if you have cultivated and communicated it grows to be stronger than steel and your safe haven.
    My motto for our marriage is we are not perfect just perfect for each other
    always assume that his intention is for whatever is in your best interest even if the intent somehow gets lost in the translation of his actions. 9 times out of 10, there is a misunderstanding that needs to be clarified

    Key characteristics of the AWAKE stage.

    1. • Both partners attention is focused on the present moment.
    2. • There is a heightened sense of reality.
    3. • An enhanced visual appreciation. (of surroundings, art, nature etc.)
    4. • Ultimate experiences of the common in everyday life.
    5. • Enhanced empathy.
    6. • Nonjudgemental attitude.
    7. • Increased creativity and joy.
    8. • Awareness of a benevolent presence.
    9. • Powerful methods of dealing with conflict.
    10. • Dreams are more coherent.
    11. • Authentic, accessible, sense of humor, tolerant, perceptive and wise.
    12. • Perception that every moment is new.
    13. • Modest and content with the ordinary while a viewpoint of extraordinary.
    14. • Impartial, detached, peaceful and objective.
    15. • Ability to adapt and experience any viewpoint from the viewers perspective.

    Perhaps consciousness is always awake and enlightened, but the amount of awake, or aware consciousness, that is present in any moment will vary. This definition acknowledges that there's a difference in the amount of awakeness, or enlightened consciousness, that different people experience or that one person experiences at different times but still suggests that the potential for full awareness or becoming enlightened is the same for everybody. If every apparent individual consciousness is infinite in its potential, then each can also be infinite both in its capacity to expand or awaken and in its capacity to contract or identify with a narrow or limited experience...


    a spiritual awakening is a sudden expansion or shift in consciousness, especially a more dramatic one (we don't usually refer to a minor realization as a spiritual awakening). Enlightenment, on the other hand can be used to mark a particular level of realization or awakeness, even if the exact definition varies depending on who is using the word, as it does with every word.

    What really matters is what your awareness is doing right now. How is your consciousness appearing or shifting in this moment? Are you realizing more of your experience and Essence right now? Or are you contracting and limiting your awareness with thoughts and identification? Is any shifting happening from reading these words?

    Enlightenment or awakening is a profound mystery, and the best definition may be found in the actual experience of your own shifts in consciousness. Just as it's more nourishing to eat an apple than read about one, so it can be more rewarding to explore the movements of your own awareness than to try to understand these things mentally. While definitions of such things can be helpful, it can also be beneficial to not have too many concepts, which could interfere with your actual experience. It's a good thing that language isn't so fixed or defined when it comes to spiritual unfoldment. Maybe the best definition of enlightenment is no definition. Then there is only what is found in your own direct experience of awareness.