Creating a healthy love relationship starts from within. Self love is the foundation to true love.

    The Heartwork process enables you to find your own unique way of looking into yourself. Guided Heartwork gives you an opportunity to directly experience the “classical” Heartwork process of surrendering into and through layer after layer of your false self until you arrive back in your true home. You can do this exercise alone or with another person facilitating your process. To assist you further in this exercise, the sequence is recorded on the CD included with my book, Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, Really Want, or you can order the CD separately from the Heartwork Institute, Inc., by visiting the institute’s website: www.awakentheheart.org.

    The following sequence, while representative of the stages that generally unfold during the course of a Heartwork session, may vary from person to person:

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    Getting Comfortable
    It is very important that you are physically comfortable. Being able to forget about your body as much as possible will allow you to focus all your attention on your internal process.

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    First, make any necessary adjustments in your environment. Where in the room would you be most comfortable? Where do you want your facilitator to be in relation to you, and in what bodily position? If the room is too warm or too cool for your maximum comfort, adjust the temperature. If the room is too bright or dark, change the lighting. Adjust anything that interferes with your maximum physical comfort. Now find the most comfortable position for your body. You may be most comfortable sitting erect, slouching, lying down (on your back, side, or stomach), or in some other position. Ask your body what position it would most like to be in right now, and assume that position.

    Settling In
    Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to relax as much as possible. If you have difficulty letting go of some of the surface tensions, just watch your breath come in and go out for a few minutes until you feel as relaxed as you can be at this time.

    It is very helpful to adopt an open, friendly, curious attitude towards whatever you encounter on your inward journey. This welcoming attitude will allow you to “witness” your process non-judgmentally, making it easier to see whatever is there because you have a more aware and less “attached” mind-state.

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