1.  Do the healing heart meditation daily
    2.  Read Principle 2 daily (at least 3 times this week) (below under heading Reading assignment CLASS 2)
    3. Practice:  Take on your learnings from last weeks practice and include everyone in your life.  Imagine and be that everyone in your path is awesome with you.  Keep in mind that if anyone has you feel in danger physically or emotionally DO NOT PRACTICE this with them but take necessary precautions.  Otherwise, no matter how people seem to be, you interpret them as awesome and be awesome with them.  See everyone through the eyes of love.

    Principle Number Two
    Reading assignment CLASS 2
    Week 2

    Open heartedness and seeing through the eyes of Perfect Love

    This principle reminds us that the world, our reality and, our experiences, are shaped by our load bearing walls. You will hear more on load bearing walls later in the course, for now just relate to them as THOUGHTS WITH EMOTION AND LIMITING BELIEFS that define the small self.  It is through this “self” that we see.

    The idea that your conscious creates your reality is not very easy to refute since how you view the world determines your willingness to engage and take action.

    Remember that you have the power to change first your perceived experience by seeing through the eyes of love. It is practicing open heartedness and seeing through the eyes of PERFECT LOVE that break down the load bearing walls naturally and without effort.

    Practice: Imagine everyone on your path today is awesome with you and you are awesome with them. Now go about your day as if it is true.


    4.  Please watch this video: