1.  Notice and record all of your judgements
    2. Do the Feeling Habit Meditation daily
    3.  Read principle number four daily (at least 3 times for the week)
    4. Practice:  Let go of your feeling habit(s) by reducting them to thoughts.  (No video for this one)

    Principle Number Four
    Reading assignment CLASS 4
    Week 4

    At any moment, I can choose to hold onto or let go of thoughts
    A feeling habit by distinction is taking a common habitual thought and feeling a familiar way about it.  Said another way feeling habits are almost always a thought.  We relate to them as feelings and therefore they become more difficult to let go.

    Some feeling habits as an example are:”
    I feel unappreciated
    I feel fat
    I feel like a failure
    I feel like they don’t like me
    I feel ashamed
    I feel embarrassed
    I feel lost and confused
    I feel invalidated
    I feel unworthy
    I feel stupid
    I feel left out

    Notice, a feeling habit has a structure. It is a thought that is expressed and experienced as a feeling.  One can let go of the feeling habit (get free) when he/she distinguish the thought as a thought.

    Practice: Let go of your FEELING HABITS by reducing them to thought.  Notice how much more freedom you have being with others.