• Class Five Where Attention Goes LINK


    1.  Do the bliss point along with any one meditation daily
    2. Read principle five daily (at least 3 times this week)
    3. Practice letting go of one or more of the following; being offended, being right, the need to win, superiority. (no video)

    Principle Number Five
    Reading assignment CLASS 5

    Week 5

    There are no limits, everything is possible

    Saying there are no limits seems unrealistic, since we do see limits all around us.  Our bodies can only grow to a certain height, we can only see up to a certain distance, our ears can only hear within a limited frequency, we only live to a certain number of years, the earth is limited in its dimension, resources are limited, we only have what we have. Limits, limits and more limits.

    So what then is unlimited?

    We will answer that by distinguishing two limits.  An authentic limit and an inauthentic limit.

    Authentic limits
    A universe without any limitations equals an unlimited experience which equals no experience at all.

    No limits would mean no differentiation, nothing to compare and therefore nothing to experience.  The very nature of experience is based in comparison.  We compare all levels of light in order to see. We compare the frequencies of vibration in order to feel and in order to hear sound.

    What would you experience if you lived in a world where there would be only one color or one sound – nothing. You couldn’t see or hear anything.

    That’s why the unlimited universe needs creative limits to allow us to experience.  The limitation and separation of all the experiential spectrums, is a necessary and creative limitation. It allows us to experience night and day, light and dark, colors, sound, music, noise, etc. To experience through our physical bodies requires comparison.

    Inauthentic limits
    Filtered limits are load bearing walls – load bearing walls are built from ideas and beliefs that don’t serve us, they limit our creative potential.  They deny our ability to create.  The constraints of the filtered limits, which we will refer to as load bearing walls from this point for the purpose of the course, show up in the following ways:
    to name a few…
    Anything that thwarts, blocks or stops the flow of natural creativity is fundamentally
    FEAR.  Fear is the energy that blocks who we are, LOVE/LIFE energy.

    Our true creative ability exists in the domain of being.  In the domain of being by, letting go of any fixed way that we say that we are, any fear based reality, we have the potential to create for ourselves ANY possible way to be, making it our own and creating it as who we are.

    Practice: List three ways of being that you will try on moment by moment this entire week.  Now practice being that this week.