1.  Observe Life Unfolding and begin to pay attention to the Quantum Self
    2.  Do the inserted mediation daily
    3.  Note for yourself outcomes and openings you can share Thursday night

    This forgiveness is distinct from a forgiveness of superiority.  It is one that isn’t logical but rather ontological; it is a way of being,  a space if you will.
    In this space or state, one can rest and trust in a higher purpose for life.  Where you can surrender to life unfolding, that is a letting go – letting go – letting go, a lifestyle versus an act.
    Consider it this way:
    Your life purpose is to align with life unfolding, allowing PURE LOVE, that is life energy to flow through powerfully and naturally, an open heartedness.
    Love as in who you are and who I am.
    Shame, blame, guilt, jealousy, envy, upset, anger, frustration, anxiety to name a few, are all fundamental expressions of FEAR, that which is a barrier to, a thwart, or stopping to the flow of that energy.
    The mind is addicted to violence but at some primal level it feels good.  These expressions of fear are a kind of violence to the spirit and there is a fundamental addiction to them that one must acknowledge and own.  We create an illusion by trying to resist them rather than simply letting them go.  Resisting of course causing persistence.
    Forgiveness as in QUANTUM FORGIVENESS is the ONLY WAY to undo the fear and to open the heart to energy flowing freely again.
    This starts with first forgiving oneself, but keep in mind that this forgiveness is not ONE part of you forgiving another, but rather a stepping into an already existing forgiveness that one only needs to accept.
    The key to this is to accept:
    1.  I cannot earn it
    2.  I don’t deserve it
    3.  It is accepted for no reason
    Only when I step in can I be that and when I be that it is a joy/honor to extend it to others. Forgiveness is more than a generous gift but rather a wonderful reminder.
    Our lives is but an opportunity to practice at very high levels this kind of life.  It is not the world that is our laboratory, but instead it is our own consciousness.
    ~Thomas Kuster
    copyright 2016