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    Class One
    It’s all energy


    Class One Assignments:

    1.  Principle Number One
    Reading assignment CLASS 1

    The world is what you think it is

    Quantum physics experiments have demonstrated that the expectations of the observer determine the result of the experiment. In other words, there is no split between the observer and the observed, the subject and the object.

    The world we’re looking at is entirely subjective; there is not an objective world apart from our mind. We are simply observing what we believe.

    Everything is completely unified, completely connected; there is no separation.  It’s all energy.

    The efficacy of thought as a medium for transformation has been documented since the ancient times when the Buddha said: “You become what you think.”

    Practice: Choose ONE person, someone that is part of your inner circle.  Husband, wives, family members are generally very good choices.  Imagine they are awesome with you.  No matter what is happening, how they “seem”, simply “be” that they are incredibly awesome with you and you are incredibly awesome with them. Now go about your day as if it is true.
    2.  Do the Bliss Point Exercise daily (at least once).

    3.  Practice being brand new, each and every day, by stepping into Quantum Forgiveness.