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    Use the following question/notes to prepare for the JUNE 22, 2014 call. The call is from 6pm PST- 7pm PST and you join by simply dialing in:
    605-475-4700 access cose 403688#.

    These question/notes will have you mentally prepared for the material we will cover and better able to participate if you’d like to do that. These notes are NOT mandatory to be on the call but simply an aid.

    1. Consider this:
    If you had “being happy” HANDLED, what then would your life be about?

    2. A Life Purpose. What does it mean to you? Is it something EVERYBODY needs to lead a happy, healthy, extraordinary life?

    3. When you hear the statement, “Being MORE yourself”, what do you hear? What do you think it means and what do you think is the access?

    Enjoy the call!!!