• Relationships (Intimate) of the 21st Century 

    In our society there are many different things that define intimate relationships. What you think might be intimate may not be what others feel is intimate. It takes bringing those two thoughts together to find out what works for both of you in the intimate department.

    Relationships have come so far that it can move into many different directions. The way we view intimate relationships are changing just as fast if not faster than the intimate relationships themselves. This is because we do not have a clear view of what being intimate means to us, nor do we know how to act in an intimate relationship.

    For some, they feel that sex is the ultimate intimate relationship. More like they made it to third base and we are moving on to home plate. After a few dates some feel they are entitled to this type of intimate relationship with their dating partner. This does not make them wrong; it is how they view what intimate means to them. Then there are many who want to date for long periods of time before even having physical contact because they want to get to know you on a personal level first. To these, getting to know you, is how they turn their relationship into an intimate one.

    They just don’t want to have sex on the first date because intimacy means more to them than that. They want you to understand how they work and learn their needs before opening up in an intimate way to you. Then you have those select few  who want to have a date and then be intimate because to them that is how they get to know somebody.

    There are some couples out there still that want to be intimate in ways that are not sexual. This would be holding hands, watching movies together, taking long walks together, special dinners, or just spending quality time with each other. They feel if you can connect on this kind of level, then greater intimacy will come along in due time. They do not want to rush the real physical side of intimacy.

    None of these views are wrong or right, it’s how people think and feel in our society. Intimacy has changed so much that we all think in different ways now, rather than all thinking like each other. We have our own point of views of what intimate relationships are; this is how it evolved into what it is today.