• How to Plan a Family Reunion

    Planning a family reunion is not an easy task. Many
    families today just aren’t as close as they were decades
    ago and people work more than one job quite often.

    Trying to have everyone get time off of work can be
    impossible sometimes. You might even have to plan a year or
    two in advance to make sure everyone can attend.

    The first thing you need to take is contacting everyone and
    having them help contact other family members. Maybe you
    don’t talk to your great uncle Bob but surely someone else
    in the family does.

    By delegating a little responsibility you can save yourself
    quite a bit of time and effort. Make sure to have reliable
    family members help or everything will get screwed up

    The next thing is to figure out where to have the family
    reunion. Usually this is influenced by money. If your
    family is on a pretty tight budget, odds are you won’t be
    flying to Hawaii just to spend some time with cousins and
    other extended family members when you could use that money
    to fix up your home or vehicles. E

    veryone should try as hard as they can to agree and also
    accommodate older or disabled family members. It’s not a
    good idea to plan a wilderness themed family reunion full
    of hikes when Grandma is in a wheelchair.

    After you have planned the when and where, all you really
    need to do is follow up with everyone often. Monthly calls
    and reminders will work for a while until the date starts
    getting closer.

    You will have to make sure anyone who isn’t coming notifies
    the family so they can be taken off the list if you have
    planned activities.