Date night is an investment that nourishes and cares for your relationship.  Intentional sharing and meaningful time together are important to its’ health and should not be neglected.  When a couple makes the effort to spend time together and continue developing their relationship, no matter what’s going on, they are more likely to grow closer, rather than apart.  Those who have “couple time” weekly are 3.5 times more likely to report being “very happy” in their relationships, compared with those who don’t. Remember, it’s not what you do, it’s the spirit you bring to it. Refresh. Recharge. Release. Reunite. Alone time away from all the chaos, where you can be “naked”, not just physically but mentally.




    1. Turn off the TV and put away the books, magazines and newspapers

    Your attention is far too valuable.  You need each other’s full attention versus shared  attention with “Dancing with the Stars”.  Don’t misunderstand, a night of your favorite programs is in order, but that needs to be scheduled time.  Record what you will watch and decide when you will watch it.  Otherwise the TV is off and attention on one another is on.  The happiest couples reduce distractions.


    1. Acknowledge and be attentive

    Praise and acknowledge each other – tell every detail of what you enjoy most about them, right now.  Discussions that are important to your partner may come up. Don’t avoid those conversations because these can lead to a deeper sense of intimacy.


    1. Shower together

    I’ll wash yours,  you wash mine.

    We get into routine when it comes to our showering routines and rituals.  Take the time to slow down and invite your beloved into the shower with you.


    1. Set a timer and make out for 20 minutes.

    Get creative, get close and go back in time.



    1. Walk together

    Start noticing how you walk with your partner. Are you walking several feet in front or behind?  You will be amazed to notice that you walk not next to each other. Get in step and walk together.