• Date Night Rituals

    Rituals are essential to a healthy interpersonal relationship.  They are symbols of intimacy and a shared sense of the couple.  The rituals you choose together and use on a regular basis become an indicator to your SELF that it’s time to reduce distance.


    Don’t underestimate the power and impact of managing this aspect of The Date Night Project and choose your rituals “now”.


    This a list of common ones.

    Share with us any that you think we should add.

    Choose at least three that you can agree/compromise on and commit to using them every week on “your day”.

    1. All day long steal kisses
    2. Find opportunities to pat the butt
    3. Go with no underwear or special underwear
    4. Spoon in the morning
    5. Start off with a shower together
    6. Coffee in bed
    7. Special hidden notes
    8. Sexting and texting all day
    9. Video text or emails
    10. Bubble baths
    11. Hold hands (all day)
    12. Sexy costumes
    13. Flower(s) in a vase
    14. Play “your song”
    15. Dance with or without music
    16. Deliver unexpected acts of kindness
    17. Candles
    18. Compliment and acknowledge one another
    19. Count down to your evening/outing. (…3 hours to go…)