• Date #2 - Bowling or Skating

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    Here are the instructions for Your DATE NIGHT!


    1. No underwear
    2. Steal a kiss all day long
    3. Pat on the butt
    4. That night make sure cuddle on the couch together, make love anywhere and everywhere in the house, and then shower together and fall asleep in each other's arms.
    5. Include candles and soft music
    6. Check out the moon arm in arm

    DATE TWO; the theme is to be ridiculous together


    Nothing says bowling fun quite like a loud bowling shirt. You don’t have to buy expensive league-style or designer shirts, either. Your bowling date night shirts might be matching T-shirts you paint or stencil with iron-on transfers. You can find great old bowling shirts in thrift stores and on eBay, too. Get creative and have fun with it—that’s the whole point. If you choose to skate, same idea.  You can also have a lot of fun with crazy socks on bowling/skating date night. The apparel really is half the battle in setting the proper mood for fun at the bowling center.  Make FOOD fun, I’m not an advocate of junk food but eat someplace/something you consider fun food.  (Sushi is fun for me).

    Now, on date night a little competition is fine as long as it’s romantic competition. A strike may be worth a kiss A spare is worth a hug, etc. Let your imagination run free here and keep it fun.

    Perhaps the winner gets to pick where you go for the next fancy dinner date or where you go for gelato later that night, or enjoy a local coffee shop. 

    Before the game, each of you write down your guess of what your score will be (This keeps it fair in case one is a better bowler.)

    On the back of your score card, each of you will write what you will give the other as a reward for winning. Then, put the card somewhere safe (where neither of you can change your guesses).

    After the game, write down your actual score and figure the difference. Whoever wins gets to claim their prize (written on the back of the other's score card)

     Assign a romantic value to each strike and spare.

    If you are skating, assign a romantic value to doing a spin, skating backwards OR making it around the rink without falling down.

    You could make each strike worth a kiss to be redeemed right then.

    Each spare could be worth a hug.

    Make sure you keep score! If either of you are good, this could be a very PDA-filled game of bowling...but WHO CARES! Adjust for skating. 

    Empty a small bag of Skittles or M&Ms into a cup or bowl. Assign different styles of bowling to the different candy colors and then have each person pick a piece of candy at the start of their turn to determine how they will bowl that round. (idea submitted by Ethan Estrada)  

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