• ac·knowl·edge  (k-nlj)

    tr.v. ac·knowl·edgedac·knowl·edg·ingac·knowl·edg·es


    a. To admit the existence, reality, or truth of.
    b. To recognize as being valid or having force or power.


    a. To express recognition of: acknowledge a friend’s smile.
    b. To express thanks or gratitude for.
    When writing the 4th Stage, The Brain Dance, it occurred to me that this stage called for action.  In other words, stages 1 through 3 happen rather naturally.  Once in stage 3 action is required, as stage 3 is the CHOICE stage and choosing is action oriented.  When the couple is successfully through stage 3 and enters stage 4, a new kind of action is required to keep the couple “alive”.
    The rhythms of the heart are the actions (among others) required to have a LIFE partnership.  The first rhythm, though it isn’t everyone’s specific rhythm is one that is required throughout a relationship regardless.  Acknowledgment interrupts resentment!
    1. Acknowledgment : Everyone needs to be acknowledged and there are many ways to acknowledge people, but if it’s your rhythm it’s your lifeline to feeling loved and appreciated by your mate.  This includes  the smallest affirmation to public acknowledgements.  This rhythm wants to hear how special they are, what you love about them, how beautiful they are to you, acknowledge their intelligence, their wisdom.  (their hair, ears, eyes, smile, neck, chest, stomach all the way to their little toe) And if you think you’ve overdone it, think again, this rhythm cannot EVER be overplayed.