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    2014-Current Cyclical Stages Of Love
    On this series of COMPLIMENTARY calls we examine our intimate relationships from the viewpoint of SEVEN STAGES that are CYCLICAL in nature. Each stage is distinguished along with their characteristics as we examine the development of the EMOTIONAL BODY.

    2014-Current The Stages of Love Workshops
    The development of the Emotional Body, distinguishing the initial bruise and its impact on our behavior and our actions.  Distinguishing The Theme of Your Life, Your Sweet Spot and ultimately your Life Purpose.  This series is 5 months long promising a higher vibrational frequency creating more harmony with your partner and for singles more harmony within yourself to attract who you really want, a match for who you are,

    1999-Current Romantic Moments
    Designing dates for couples committed to keeping the flame burning and romance alive. These pre-designed dates are perfect for couples busy with their work, their families and their overall lives.

    Thomas lead programs and coached for the largest self development and education company within the human potential movement.  His experience includes leading to and coaching more than 10,000 people.

    1995 Partners For Life
    A program designed for couples committed to relationships that work and that are fulfilling. This challenging program invites couples to make their number one priority supporting and committing to each other’s well being, spiritual growth and overall satisfaction in life.

    1993 Coming Out Over Coffee
    A program designed for alternative sexual orientations support in coming out to themselves, their families, and their communities.


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    The intention of these calls:

    Creating the possibility of true love expressed, experienced and expanded. The couple is your sanctuary, a space of refuge where we you are reminded of who you really are and without judgement:
    Life Energy and Pure Love.

    Dial: 949-229-4400 access code 8645704#

    The third THURSDAY of every month starting October 2015. For holidays alternate dates will be listed.



    For the Seven Stages of Breathtaking Relationships handout, please email me at TheStagesOfLove@gmail.com